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Far away

by Charley Green on 04/21/11

Eduardo says the Cursillo is intended preferentially though not exclusively for the far away.  What does this mean?

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1. Margarita Higgs & Rita Rodriguez said on 4/21/11 - 01:28PM
If you have experienced God’s love and you know what it means to be in friendship with God, then you are keenly aware of how unrepented sin separates you from God and as well as others. Cursillo is useful to those who want to strengthen their relationship with God. However, Eduardo intended it for those who have never felt or cannot remember the all encompassing love of God. God created us with a human nature to inherently want love and what is good. Love is the most simple thing to understand. If people just knew about God’s love they would not sin, because sin is making a choice to put something else above God’s love. People who have been “far away” from God’s love will know why the Church has always taught them to seek God and avoid sin because to choose God is to choose love. Nothing brings us greater joy and peace than God’s love.
2. Tim Rouen said on 4/21/11 - 07:00PM
I am not sure what the statement means without the contexts it is part of. Taking the words as presented the 'far away' means to me those not in a close relationship with the Lord. Cursillo then is intended for everyone not close but is capable of bringing the 'close to' even closer to the Lord.

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