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Far away

by Charley Green on 04/22/11

In "Study of the Charism" Juan Ruiz and Fr. Smith often refer to the above idea of the purpose of Cursillo.  Sr. Ruiz indicates the far away are people who do not go to Church or only go now and then or for "social" reasons.  How does this jibe with your experience of the Cursillo?

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1. Linda H said on 4/23/11 - 02:19PM
At parish mission last week, Father talked about the John Paul II's New Evangelization. While I had heard the term, I did not realize that it is for the very ones mentioned the Charism. Really made me think about the Cursillo need for Make a Friend, Be a Friend and Bring that Friend to Christ.
2. lisa friddle said on 9/2/12 - 06:41AM
While encouraging others to meet Christ is well worth the effort on both subjects parts, going to church is a whole different matter all together. Churches are generally built to 'bring people to God' however God is not always present in churches filled with people who have never met Him. In other words just because you have found a building to go to one day every week that is filled with crosses, and people singing and praying does not mean you are meeting with God. Many people live their lives in worship and never attend church. Some never have the opportunity to attend a 'church'

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