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Full Communion

by Charley Green on 05/03/11

In some Dioceses in the USA participation in the Cursillo three days is restricted by a rule that only persons in full communion with the Catholic Church may attend a Cursillo.  Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

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1. lisa friddle said on 5/11/11 - 10:11AM
I have found that it is most dreadfully hard to give thanks for my disappointments, fears and pains, but whenever I do my perspective is changed, the outcome is much lighter. Another thing that I have pondered on so many times is this stoning of Stephen and even the hanging of Judas. It seems always so easy for me to say this person should not be doing this or that, or how dare them to behave in that manner look at how it is effecting those around them. then I am presented with my own faults, I am so ashamed, disgusted I would dare not look in the mirror. What is it about us humans that we are so intent on our own determinations our own sense of righteousness, that we can not see one and other for who we are really. why do we insist on hiding and demanding and exacting instead of just being. Poor Stephen, if those around him could truly have seen him, and Judas, if he could only have seen Jesus' truth? who knows but God. The most precious gift I own is my willingness (at times) to just listen. God is therefore I am being love always lisa
2. Nora said on 6/10/11 - 08:34AM
Since the three day weekend's main focus is the Eucharist,it would be unfortunate if the participant(candidate) could not fully enter into the fullness of the Eucharistic celebration.
3. Tom Sarg said on 6/14/12 - 04:28PM
One of the foundational aspects of every Cursillo Weekend is to immerse the participants into a deeper understanding of their particular chosen faith. I will reflect on this later. I remember leaving a National Presbyterian Conference and one of the participants told me that she felt truly blessed to have been told by a Catholic (me) that she needed to learn more about her faith. I had given one of the presentations and told everyone that part of evangelization is to be able to answer questions about the particular faith that we choose to profess. This is NOT to be confused with proselytizing (wherein we recruit individuals to join our particular denomination). Evangelization is not about proselytizing. Evangelization is about bringing people to an understanding/relationship with Christ. Nothing more. However, in the evangelization process (which can take a considerable amount of time), it is probable that questions will be asked about issues with your particular faith. For this reason, it is also important that the "evangelizer" has a thorough understanding of his/her chosen belief. Part of the Cursillo Weekend methodology is to help instill a more thorough understanding of that particular faith journey. This is exactly why there are Cursillos for Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodist and Presbyterians. I pray that this helps to understand the rationale for denominational Cursillo Weekends.
4. Charley Green said on 6/15/12 - 05:28AM
Thanks to Tom for his posting. This is precisely my issue with the National Secretariat, and perhaps OMCC as well. Rather than "to immerse the participants in a deeper understanding of their particular faith" The Cursillo of the Charism aims to present the simple FUNDAMENTALS and only the fundamentals to free persons through friendship. The three days is just one small, but crucial, part, and requiring Full Communion for attendance is absolutely diametrically opposed to the Foundational Charism.
5. lisa friddle said on 9/2/12 - 06:55AM
Sorry if my above post seems out of place I thought I was replying to a different comment. However here are my thoughts on communion: First and foremost Communion as it was given to us and Communion as the Catholic church and other denominations of Christianity present it, are very different entirely. I will take the point of view of the Catholics as that is the religion of the Crusillo, I believe. If through the Crusillo you are trying to increase the membership of your church family then by all means you should only allow those attending to be partakers of "communion" However if through Crusillo your goal is to spread Christ message the "Good News" then you may want to be a bit more lenient. All of us need to hear the Good News over and over many times before it even starts to sink in, that is why Crusillo is of so much importance. If we limit anyone from hearing His messag, how then can we call ourselves Christians? If we include everyone in the hearing of His message we will soon find ourselves living amongst the Lord with every turn! What a world to live in that would be! Everyone every where hearing and spreading the Gospel; Christ alive and walking among us, emanating love at every turn. "Imagine!"
6. Charley said on 9/2/12 - 10:46AM
I simply ask. Is it real? Is this Jesus or is it holy bread? If the answer is that this is really Jesus, I think, in light of the Gospel, it is quite unChristian do keep people away from His presence, even if the rules will not let them "take and eat". Every excuse I have heard for doing so will not pass the smell test. They invariabley reduce to either selfishness or fear.
7. Norm-Oakland Diocese said on 9/19/12 - 12:03AM
Dear Charley, You asked me for a comment. This may be a little extensive, please bear with me. From Acts, Chapter 10, verse 27 "Peter said to them, 'You know that it is unlawful for a Jewish man to associate with, or visit, a Gentile; but God has shown me that I should not call another person profane, or unclean. From Acts, Chapter 10, verse 34&35 "Peter proceeded to speak aloud, 'In truth, I see that God shows no partiality. Rather, in every nation, whoever fears Him, and acts uprightly, is acceptable to Him. OK. Here is my take. I believe that the cursillo weekend should be open to anyone, over the age, of 25 who wants to come. From 21-25 years, due to limited life experience, I would recommend additional screening. That is, my personal interpretation, of the above stated scripture passages: If St. Peter broke the Jewish Law to visit Cornelius, a Gentile, in Cornelius' home, because God told him St. Peter to do so; than, I do not want to place any screens, or barriers, between those who want to draw closer to our Living Savior. I, also, believe that the desire of a person, no matter creed, nationality, or race, whatever, to come closer to our Living Savior, is a recognized need, and desire, placed there by the One Whom we profess to believe in! Himself!!! There, dear Charley, you have it!! One Catholic believer's voice. Peace, Blessings, prayers, de colores, Norm Collins, Oakland Diocese English-Speaking Cursillo movement.

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