Eduardo Bonnin
May 4, 1917
February 6, 2008
The True Authorship of the Cursillo:  All these truths that follow and which I believe it is my duty to express so that everything is as clear as possible, do not stem from a wish of being a main character, because whenever I have been asked who was the author of everything about Cursillo I have said categorically that it was the Holy Spirit, but when they have asked me who made up the structure, who collected the antecdotes, who structured the lay rollos, who devised the Group Reunion and the Ultreya, so as to avoid lying I have had to say it was me.
     As I come to the end of this story I realize that without being aware, I have used, as always, the royal we, which suggests that there were others beside me who helped by contributing ideas; what happened is that I kept reading out to them what I thought and they listened attentively.---Eduardo Bonnin "My Spiritual Testament"
By Way of Warning to Seafarers:   The reason (or raison d'etre) for this warning to seafarers- so they may be faithful to the goal the Cursillos are after and for which they were devised, designed, prayed for, and structured- is that it has been proved from their inception in 1944, more than a few times- I wish to believe with good intention- they have been skimmed, deactivated, abducted, or nipped in the bud of their nature and effectiveness, undoubtably by people of goodwill and perhaps even by doing so they were making a gift to God and to Cursillo.
     However, there are serious reasons to believe that many interpretations, changes, restructuring, "updates", and reductions have been made with a desire to use the Cursillo.  At times this has even been done with the aim of taking their cut, with a wish for being in the limelight of something they assume can help them to excel in the pius market which is normally so lacking in originality and creativity...---Eduardo Bonnin "My Spiritual Testament"
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