I really appreciated having the opportunity to read "Common Sense." There were constant reminders in the book of what the essentials of Cursillo are.… We have a tendency of focusing on the little things before we have the big picture. "Common Sense" would help put everything in perspective as to what the movement is all about. I hope you do have it printed and made available to those having responsibility putting on weekends and keeping the community on track. Thanks for your research reminding us of the essentials.  
---Rev. Robert Wood, Bella Vista, Arkansas

I really enjoyed reading Common Sense. What I especially liked was learning more of the Cursillo history. … When I made my weekend, my jail ministry partner also did so at the same time. She opted not to continue participating. Her reasoning was this. She was already active in the Charismatic movement. It was not that she felt this movement was better than Cursillo. She just felt it was beyond Cursillo, and Cursillo without the Charismatic just was not enough. We did read in the Fourth Day Manual that these were two separate movements. She did not care for this. I admit it was fine with me though, as I have not really felt comfortable with Charismatic activity. I do think it is unfortunate, though, that this all lead to Catholics having separate weekends from other Christian denominations. I would prefer that all denominations share together. It is my hope that somehow we will be led by the Holy Spirit to again have this be the case. Perhaps your manuscript is a step in this direction! Thank you for allowing me to read it!
---Ms. Linda Beaumont, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Charley's thought-provoking reflection challenges us, especially veteran Cursillistas, to stay apprentice, and to stay Christian.
-- Dr. Matthew Ting, Los Angeles, California