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Group Reunions every Thursday 7 PM  at 7119 Evans, Houston, TX  77061  (713 724 5326) Please call to make sure, things do come up!!!

Ultreya meetings Our Lady of Mt Carmel 6723 Reed Rd Houston, TX  77087.  
every Saturday 9 AM
 Contact:  713 640 1000
English & Español together

The Cursillo began in 1944 in Mallorca, Spain.  It's founder, Eduardo Bonnin Agillo, realized that there were many, many people who did not know that God loved them.  He also realized that many, many people could not come to know God's love for them through the normal Church structures.  He knew from years of experience that with lots of prayer anyone would come to know God's love through normal human FRIENDSHIP.  He and his friends founded the Cursillo to help them let their friends know that God loves them in Jesus Christ.
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Eduardo Bonnin Aguilo
Charism of the Cursillo Blog
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